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Ozone Generator Sale

Free Basic Training and Phone Support

Our 32G MAXunit is now the standard of the industry.  Buying a too-small or too-large machine is just the first mistake.  Using ozone without some basic training is the second mistake.  In 2020, we offer a free Basic Ozone Training course and free phone support to make sure your ozone treatment is the success you need.

Amazing 32G MAX (32,000 mg/hr) Generators include our easy-to-use built-in Timer

Specially Priced at just $375 (value $425)

Get the most powerful ozone generator for its size using the T22 cells at a lower price.  But, the sale won't last long as only 50 units are allowed under this promotion, and sales will be brisk.  Normally, $425, all orders for the next 50 units will be just $375.

Best Ozone Genertor

Questions or Orders:  Just Call Michael at (815)  272-1653

"This unit is now my main generator.  The support is fantastic.  Glad I found this website because they're the best." Dave D

"Just treated a house with a serious dog and urine smell.  I was worried, but two 32G units did the job.  Great equipment!"  Chad A

"I was tired lugging the big ozone machine by a competitor.  I have four 32G units, and my back thanks you and my customers love me"  Josh M