Is a 100,000 mg Ozone Generator Smart?

All Ozone has produced a variety of ozone generators, with the largest unit producing more than 100,000 mg/hr of powerful ozone with two 280 CFM fans.  In so doing, we learned a lot.  First of all, large ozone generators are not-so-smart because they are heavy to haul around, expensive to fix and ship, and require additional fans to circulate the ozone throughout the building.

Another complaint is that when the equipment fails, the business grinds to a stop.  Sure, a 100,000 mg/hr ozone generator is powerful, but they are difficult to haul around, carry up steps, and require several fans to augment the whole-house treatment.  After years of real-life experience, we learned a lot.  We come to the conclusion that there is a "Sweet Spot" for the typical ozone generator.  

In a decision that left the competition scratching their head, we stopped production of our 64,000 and 100,000 mg/hr units in favor of our 30G ozone generator.

Our 30G (30,000 mg/hr) ozone generator is powerful, portable, and more strategically-smart.  Four of the 30G units equals nearly 90,000 mg/hrs.  This includes four fans located in different parts of the house for a more even diffusion of ozone.  Each 30G weighs about 12 pounds with a carry handle and dimensions of 14" x 10" x 10 ".  No needs to carry extra fans, and these units can be strategically placed in key areas for an effective treatment.

The wisdom in using multiple units for larger jobs should be obvious.  Ozone does not spread evenly, and ozone levels near the unit will be higher than in distant areas.  Buildings and homes have 

Our units are professional-grade machines and reliable.  They are powered-coated, and we use stainless steel screws, nuts, and connectors to prevent corrosion.

In short, we believe that the 30G unit is the very best size ozone generator for anyone.  Several units allow smaller jobs (like cars or apartments) to run simultaneously.  Or combine them to knock out the job in record time.  To prevent the classic problem of over-treatment, the 30G comes with a built-in 1, 2, 4, or 8 hr timer.  We strongly feel that the 15/30G ozone generator is the "Best Ozone Generator on the Market."