ULV Fogger for Odor Removal Service

ULV Fogger for Odor Services

One of the basic tools for an odor mitigation service is a quality ULV fogger.  ULV means "Ultra Low Volume" that produces a fine mist.  Technically, we want about a 50 mg droplet size for many applications.  This is a heavy mist that will not run or drip after application.  This is the best we have found.  Professional grade, this ULV fogger will travel or work for years with normal care.  

Comes with a 4' hose and adjustable valve to control output.  Handy to carry with one hand while controling the spray with the other.  

Can be used for essential oils, chlorine dioxide, antimicrobial, and probiotics.  One person can cover a lot of ground with this unit, and ULV fogger allows you to offer a full range of services to enhance the job.

   ....   $395 w free shipping