Antimicrobial DP

Kill MoldThe DP is an EPA registered product shipping in concentrate form.  1 ounce per gallon of RTU makes a power, but safe, fogging/misting treatment.  A blend of four special quaternary ammonium ingredients with our proven antimicrobial product is amazing.  Immediately kill mold and germs with this treatment.  DP also leaves behind an antimicrobial surface treatment that will inhibit future mold or bacterial growth.  Kill bacteria and virus with an antimicrobial surface treatment that lasts for 90 days.  Destroy odors and prevent their return with one, extraordinary treatment.

EPA Registers, requires a particle mask and long sleeve shirt for safe treatments with no chemical residue

  • Quarternary ammonium is a fantastic sanitizer with very low VOCs.  Well accepted by all medical professionals as a highly effective bactericide, viricide ... and it is a powerful moldicide.  This is where you get the claims for a serious microbial killing agent.  Our four quat mix bring the power without dangerous chemicals.
  • The antimicirobial surface treatment permanently bonds with any clean surface for a 90 day germ and mold inhibiting action.

DP can be used in areas where ozone is not a good tool.  A stand-alone product or use DP after an ozone treatment for double power.  Yes, it kills the odors too by killing the source of odor.  Easily applied by ULV fogger or fine mist.  Once dry, the antimicrobial treatment inhibits all types of microbial growth.  One quart will produce 32 gallons of RTU product treating 4000-5000 sq ft.  Do the math, that is less than $10 per gallon.

$145 for 16 oz making 16 gal of RTU

EXPENSIVE?  Not really.  Previous products sold for $300 and made 16 gallons of mixed RTU at 8 oz per gallon.  DP uses 1 oz per gallon, but you get so much more value from this 16 gallons of RTU.  That is just about $9 per gallon when diluted, and each gallon 4000+ sq ft using a sprayer or pump sprayer.  Intended for hard surfaces including wood and drywall.  DP kills bacteria and virus as well as mold.  Truly a multi-purpose product that will effectively treat for foul odors as well.  PPE is gloves and goggles to protect applicators.

Yes, it Destroys Odors too...

There is more than one way to fight odors and biofilms.  Ozone is your "GoTo Resource" for treating most odor, sanitizing, and mold issues.  But, there are limits to how long you want to run your ozone equipment whey you are facing serious odor problems.  Yes, you could trry to "Cook Our Odors" with lengthy ozone applications, but a combination punch can be more effective than a single hard hit.  So, use DP after everyone of your treatments to approach the problem at a different level.

DP can be used in a spray bottle to further nuetralize pet urine areas.  You can fog with DP to impact odors and germs throughout the building.  DP is not the same as ozone, but does many of the things ozone does making it the superior way to double-down on odor and sanitizing challenges.