Chinese Ozone Systems Fail too Soon

We at All Ozone get calls from people who bought a Chinese ozone generator that is no longer working. Without any unkindness, when it comes to Chinese products, quality is a big question.  There are not the controls on manufacturing that we have in other countries, and cheap product are the result of cutting corners.  So, here is what we see.  Chinese ozone generators (including the myriad of vendors reselling Chinese ozone generators) are made of steel, which will rust.  Ozone accelerates rust, so that is the first problem.  They are painted in hope of inhibiting rust, but a steel housing is literally, Ozone Mistake Number One.

We use "Cold Plasma" ozone generation in our aqueous ozone systems for a reason.  Cold plasma creates ozone with a glass tube filled with stainless steel particles.  Our cold plasma cells never decline in power and last for years without maintenance.

The Chinese ozone laundry systems or ozone water systems use a ceramic cell that will eventually wear out.  It is the nature of ceramic cells.  They wear out and decline in power.  Many vendors seriously don't care about this because they can sell cheaply for a good profit, and they hope that customers will buy again when the equipment breaks down.  

All Ozone isn't the cheapest aqueous ozone system, and that is because we build for years of use.  Our cases are aluminum that is powder coated.  They are built in the United States se we control the quality.  We do not use ceramic cells, but cold plasma ozone cells.  These are units that will worker reliably for years, and quality is worth the extra dollars it costs.