Most Ozone Systems Fail too Soon

We at All Ozone get calls from people who bought an ozone generator over the Internet that is no longer working. Without any unkindness, when it comes to over-hyped products, quality is a big question.  To be clear, there are a lot of ozone promoters pushing the limits of truth well beyond the real facts.  

Ozone Sanitizing

Ozone accelerates rust, so that is the first problem.  So, the construction of the equipment is critical to how the machine operates and how long it will continue to operate.  The accounts for why some ozone generator are relatively cheap and some are more expensive.  The fact is that you can build an ozone generator in a cardboard box and some basic parts.  It just will not produce sufficient ozone and it will not last long.

When it comes to building a quality ozone generator, it takes serious knowledge of the best ideas for a quality ozone machine.  Air flow is part of it, stainless steel parts, protected connections, and every piece must be carefully selected.  

Any ozone generator can run for three months, but the big question is how well the system runs in three years.  The design of the unit requires more than the basic parts.  At All Ozone, we build ozone generators that will produce great ozone today, and will produce great ozone five years from now.  We carry the replacement parts so our customers have U.S. support and guidance.

For example, to replace the T30 ozone unit in the 15/30G MAX, it only requires a Philips screwdrive and 10 minutes of time.  This means you can have full ozone output for years to come.