Best Car Detailer Ozone Generator

We at All Ozone are excited to announce our latest "Professional Ozone Generator" for car detailers.  The 15/30G Pro is a powerful ozone generator that will eradicate odors from cars, trucks, boats, and RVs.  Switch to 15G output for small rooms or vehicles, and then boost power to 30G for large areas and whole house treatment.

   > Designed to run inside the car, 16" x 7" x 7" profile easily fits on most consoles.  
   > The latest T30 ozone cells that out-produces and out-last any other ozone cells.
   > All metal case, powder coated inside and out to prevent corrosion
   > Our "Smart Design" system runs cool which allows long life on components
   > Will run for FIVE YEARS at top performance with our flat rate maintenance program
   > Extraordinary 15,000 mg/hr output removes odors in 45-60 minutes
   > Comes with our proprietary "New Car Scent" from essential oils that is simply amazing

The game has just changed when it comes to odor removal.  If case you didn't know, ozone is just oxygen using three oxygen atoms instead of the normal two oxygen atoms that we regularly breathe.  We include CLO2 in tablet form.  Enough to make four gallons of post-treatment odor neutralizing spray to further erode odors deep in fabrics.  This two-step process is very effective for smoke odors, pet smells, and even mold and mildew smells.

Ozone oxidizes odors at the molecular level.  So, when the odor is oxidized ... it is gone forever.  Great for pet odors, smoke smell, mold and mildew smell.  Once the car has been vacuumed and cleaned, our FreshAir system is the process that takes the car from "Funky smelling to a Like New smell" that people love.  This increases sales and prevents discounting for a less-than-new-smelling car.

Very Powerful, and Well Built

The 15/30G Max is like owning two machines in one.  The ability to switch from 15,000 mg/hr to 30,000 mg/hr is incredibly important.  Delivering the right amount of ozone is the smart way to apply ozone.  If your ozone generator is too small, it can't solve bigger area problem.  If it is too big, it is more than needed for vehicles and small areas.  

Ozone Generator for Car Odor Removal