Best Ozone Generator for Odors

After hours of reading the Internet Hype, it is very difficult to determine which is the best ozone generator for odor, sanitizing, or mold treatments.  Most ozone equipment is little machines pretending to be big machines.  It seems that they suffer from an inferiority complex, so 4000 and 5000 mg/hr machines claim to be able to treat your home for every possible threat.  These small systems are like vacuuming your carpet with a minivac that barely has enough vacuum to pick up a small pebble.

Other over-hyped ozone generators are "Hacked Machines" that were once a fan, air blower, vacuum, or balloon clown blower.  This provides a quick and simple method to rewire the circuits to mount some ozone cells.  And, WHALAHH, you have an "Amazingly Powerful Ozone Generator."  Some turn toolboxes or even plumbing boxes into ozone generators.  

Then there are the Chinese systems that were not built for durability, but can be imported cheaply enough to charge twice as much for a machine that will gradually lose power and eventually turn into a dust-collector in your basement.

The 15/30G Max Ozone Generator was designed from day one to be a professional ozone generator.  We spent time on the design and engineering to assure a long life.  It started with the T30 ozone cells.  These were the latest and best ozone cells we have ever found.  They produce tremendous ozone, and they last a long time.  If the plates for these cells need replacement, it couldn't be easier.  In the end, we felt that the 15/30G MAX ozone generators would have a good lifespan of five years with normal care.

Most people don't know this, but ozone cells produce heat as well as ozone.  Heat is the enemy of any electric system, causing premature breakdowns.  By mounting the cell to the surface, the heat is trapped.  So, our 64G Pro has a unique airflow channel that keeps the unit running cool ... even after hours of use.  

Here's the bottom line!  For the price, you can't buy a better ozone generator than our "U.S. Made" 15/30G MAX.