Best Price for Professional Ozone Generator

2019 has been a good year for All Ozone.  And, we would like to reduce our inventory before the year is out.  So, we are selling our amazingly powerful 32G for just $375 which is a lot of power for the price.  

Moving inventory allows our team to stay busy making more of these great units.  And, we have learned a lot about the BEST size for an ozone generator used by professionals and non-professionals.  

We strongly believe that the 32,000 mg/hr is the perfect size ozone generator.  Smaller ozone generators are not powerful enough to do the job in 8 hours or less.  Units over 32,000 can do damage to goods or embed the ozone smell.  There is an ideal size for most things.  You don't put a lawnmower engine or a jet engine into your car for obvious reasons.  After years of manufacturing and professional treatments, we realize that "Size Matters".

So, we stopped making the 64,000 and 100,000 ozone generators for several reasons.  Here's why:

  1. The units were heavy and bulky.  The 32G is less than 9 pounds, very portable, and can be used in several areas.
  2. It is easy to use multiple units in larger buildings in several locations for a uniform treatment and still have enough power for any job.
  3. If a unit fails or needs repair, multiple machines allow the work to go on.
  4. Repairs are easy and can be done on-site.
  5. The built-in timers allow just the right amount of treatment.

We believe that our price is more than fair.  Our machines will last for years because they are easy to maintain.