Best Price for Professional Ozone Generator

We are excited to introduce the latest technical innovation for ozone generators.  Our 15/30G unit has dual settings for large or small areas and a built-in timer that prevents over-treatment.  We are pleased that the National Ozone Association has reviewed our ozone generators and approved them for quality and professional use.

So, we stopped making the 64,000 and 100,000 ozone generators for several reasons.  Here's why:

  1. The units were heavy and bulky.  The 15-30G is just 10 pounds, very portable, and can be used in several areas.
  2. It is easy to use multiple units in larger buildings in several locations for a uniform treatment and still have enough power for any job.
  3. If a unit fails or needs repair, multiple machines allow the work to go on.
  4. Repairs are easy and can be done on-site.
  5. The built-in timers allow just the right amount of treatment.

We believe that our price is more than fair.  Our machines will last for years because they are easy to maintain.