Repair and Maintenance Ozone Generator

If you are worn out trying to sort through the brags, boasts, and lies by most ozone generator website; I hope to make this process pretty simple.  Compare just critical issues:

  1. Made in the United States, avoid Chinese products
  2. Real Power, not hidden behind model numbers or claim of treatment area.
  3. Quality, support, and maintenance ease
  4. Hacked generators made from air blowers, fans, and vacuum cleaners

Every All Ozone generator is fabricated and built in the United States.  And, by the way, these units were the result of an engineering project that was dedicated to a commercial grade ozone generator that sought the best ideas for an ozone generator that was compact, powerful, and reliable.  Simple ideas like stainless steel parts, powder coating inside and out, heat dissipation, compactness, and easy maintenance tooks months to fully sort out.  You will not find this kind of quality elsewhere.

Real power means that a 32G Pro is manufacture ratings of 32,000 mg/hr or 32G.  When customers try this unit out after owning another, inferior unit; they are simply amazed.  You are probably seeing 4000, 5000, and 10,000 mg/hr units (hidden in the small print) claiming to treat 4000 and 5000 sq ft.  Okay, a 1/2" hose can fill a large swimming pool .... eventually.  But, a 4" hose will fill it much faster.  The clever ploy to such bold claims is that small ozone generators will do the job over 8, 12, and 24 hours.  A serious ozone generator will do the job in 2-4 hours.

Here is a Rule of Thumb:  Shock Level Ozone requires approximately 10,000 mg/hr for every 1500 sq ft.  Ozone shock refers to reaching an ozone saturation level of 12 PPM or more.  Small machines in larger spaces may reach 5-7 PPM, which is helpful and effective when used for prolonged periods.  Ozone shock levels of 18-20 PPM are needed for more intense applications of insect control, mold kill, and smoke damage remediation.

Quality and Maintenance is a long-term value.  Any ozone generator will work well in the short run, but here is a fact that is not well known.  EVERY OZONE GENERATOR loses power with use over time.  Heavy use will speed up the need for plate cleaning or replacement.  The piece that creates the ozone has a lifecycle, and will need cleaning an/or replacement.  Chinese products are grossly unsupported, inefficient, and difficult to maintain.  So, the price you pay for the unit can be a waste of money in just six months.

All Ozone generators were designed for easy maintenance, and needful parts are readily available in the United States.  Our units open by removing a four screw to gain access to the ozone plates.  Anyone can clean the plates with alcohol and a cotton swab.  If the plates need to be replaced, the task is a simple 5-minute task.  Plates are expected to last two years in a typical residential application, and about one year for commercial applications.  This brings your All Ozone generator back to like-new, full power meaning your unit can produce full power for years.  This is the hidden value of a U.S. built product from All Ozone.

Finally, we have our own fabrication plant in the United States (Illinois) and the units are built in the United States.  They are NOT "Hacked Ozone Generator" when a store-bought fan, blower, or vacuum cleaner is converted into an ozone machine.  This is a clever short cut to an ozone generator.  Such modifications void the manufacturer's warranty, and it is a grave concern that rubber seals and parts (that deteriorate over time in an ozone environment) will fail and cause overheating, short-circuits, or melting of the fan components.