Treating Biting Mites

One of the more unusual calls we get is when a person has been invaded by biting mites.  Some suggest these are actually bird or rodent mites.  These can be brought into the house by pets, meaning that reinfection can happen even after treatments to get rid of them.  In most cases, a few biting mites mean only a day or so of itchiness and scratching.  There are a few times when the mite infestation is an ongoing issue that seems impossible to resolve.

Regardless of type, there seems to be some biting mites that can infest carpet, upholstered furniture, and common soft goods in a home.  So, the first effort is cleaning and looking for any area that seems to be the likely infected areas.  Vacuuming helps, but is not the solution.  When the infestation continues for more than a couple weeks, it is time to get proactive.

For one thing, make sure this is not bedbugs, which bite in the night.  Strip all the beds and look for the evidence of bedbugs.  Knowing that real problem is a big step to finding the best solution.

Ozone does kill mites when properly applied, but serious infections require other proactive efforts.  Wash clothes in very hot setting, bag them, and use clothing as needed.  In extreme cases, carpet may need to removed until the problem is resolved.  But, diligent cleaning is the starting point.

When using ozone for biting mites, but be prepared for a protracted effort.  The concern is that egg-laying can create another generation in just a few weeks.  So, a one-time effort is short-sighted.  The goal is to treat and retreat well after the mite issue is over.  Clear grass and growth close to the house that may provide habitate for chiggers and mites.  And, do not let pets roam too far into the weeds, if possible.

Some infestations seem insidious and hard to resolve.  Add to that the mental impression of any insects, we all begin to feel things that are not actually happening.  Like have a mosquito in the bedroom, we are extra alert to the sound or touch of anything.  The imagined feeling of crawling or biting bugs seems instinctual and may be easily over-hyped.

There are also a small mites known as chiggers.  These live in rural grassy and wet areas.  They dig into the skin and cause redness and itching.  Chiggers like wet areas and high grass.  So, it is unlikely that the problem in the house if chiggers.  If chiggers are your issue, avoid the areas that they like to hide.