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How Much Ozone is Enough?

Here is a very interesting fact about ozone.  No matter how little or how much ozone is present, it is doing the job.  Like water, a little bit is still as well as a lot of water.  While professionals talk about reaching 20 ppm (level of saturation in the air), ozone can be working at as little at .05%.  It isn't as profoundly effective as 20 ppm, but the process is still working.

How Ozone Kills Pathogens

During the latest pandemic, many people are asking if ozone will kill bacteria or viruses.  The answer is ozone is a broad-spectrum treatment that has fantastic results.  And, you need no run the ozone generator for a long period to get the job done.  Connect your ozone generator to a timer to turn the machine on at night when people are not in the building.  The All Ozone generators have a built-in timer that will shut it off after the prescribed treatment.

Sanitize your Office with Ozone

Ozone SanitizingOzone is a fantastic sanitizer and has been used for decades to kill all types of pathogens.  If you are looking for an effective and cost-efficient process to routinely sanitizing your office or workplace, try a good ozone generator.  In most cases, a thirty-minute treatment is all you need to do the job ... an hour at the most.  

Sanitizing with Ozone

If you want a sanitizing solution that treats large areas in record time, ozone offers a proven solution.   Our built-in timer and adjustable output (15,000 or 30,000 mg/hr) allows this ozone generator to adjust to nearly any application.  Treatments of 30-60 minutes at just 5 ppm have been recognized as an effective sanitizing treatment.

Is a 100,000 mg Ozone Generator Smart?

All Ozone has produced a variety of ozone generators, with the largest unit producing more than 100,000 mg/hr of powerful ozone with two 280 CFM fans.  In so doing, we learned a lot.  First of all, large ozone generators are not-so-smart because they are heavy to haul around, expensive to fix and ship, and require additional fans to circulate the ozone throughout the building.

Why Ozone Generators Fail

Professional Ozone GeneratorWe have been asked many times why our ozone generators are better.  After all, don't they all claim to have the best ozone generator on the planet?  However, the question is very legitimate but quickly gets into the technical stuff.  Simply put.  we put a lot of great engineering from the handle to the case and everything you can't see.

Remove Ozone Smells after Treatment

While ozone treatments are becoming more accepted and common, there are some post-ozone treatments questions to answer.  As you should know, ozone is just another form of oxygen as O2 is temporarily converted to O3.  Ozone reverts back to the normal O2 state in about 20-30 minutes.  It leaves no chemical residue, and once the building is ventilated with fresh air, there are no health concerns for health issues.

Ozone Over-Treatment

We are in a new phase of ozone treatments, and that is good news.  We have seen the ozone generators increase in power and decrease in size.  Ozone is a product of nature that is amazingly sustainable idea since it uses oxygen (O2) to make ozone (O3), then quickly returns to oxygen (O2).  Ozone depletes no natural resources, and it leaves not waste or residue behind.

Kill Mold and Mildew with Ozone

While some debate the issue, we see numerous substantial reports that ozone is very effective in killing mold and mildew.  Recently, one of our New Jersey associates used his ozone generator to treat a mold problem.  This was documented with before and after mold test.  The results were conclusive.  Ozone kills mold.

Best Ozone Generator for Odors

After hours of reading the Internet Hype, it is very difficult to determine which is the best ozone generator for odor, sanitizing, or mold treatments.  Most ozone equipment is little machines pretending to be big machines.  It seems that they suffer from an inferiority complex, so 4000 and 5000 mg/hr machines claim to be able to treat your home for every possible threat.  These small systems are like vacuuming your carpet with a minivac that barely has enough vacuum to pick up a small pebble.

Get Rid of Pet Urine Odors

It is always a good idea to immediately clean up any pet urine areas as soon as they happen.  Use simple vinegar water to dilute the area, and absorb the area with a towel to prevent permanent damage or odors.  However, most pet urine problems are not found until they have gone deeply into carpet, padding, and subfloor.  If you didn't catch the problem early, here is what you are facing.

Compare Ozone Generators

National Ozone AssociationIf you spend much time on the Internet, or search the "Ozone Generators" to compare ozone generators; it gets very confusing.  This is because regardless of boasts and claims, no one uses a verified source to support what they claim.  Even pages of proof and evidence are unsubstantiated by any reference.