Blue Haze for Ozone Treatment

Ozone Generator and Ozone Shock

We get calls from time to time asking about the "Blue Haze" that occurs when using one of our ozone generators.  If, and when, you see the blue haze ... be happy.  This is an indication that you have hit the ozone shock level you are seeking.  The goal, in case you didn't know it, is to saturate the building with high levels (shock level) of ozone.  This means somewhere north of 6 PPM and as high as 12 PPM.  This is serious ozone production, and the active part of ozone is heavily at work neutralizing odors and germs.

We hear from some people using 2500, 5000 machines that require 24-72 hours of operation to get rid of odors.  This is frankly ridiculous.  Who wants to run machines that long when an ozone shock level treatment can do a better jon in 3-6 hours?  We find that the 40,000 Professional Ozone generator can do jobs as little as a car in 45 minutes, an apartment in 3-4 hours, and a home in 4-6 hours.  The reason is that this is a well-tuned, powerful unit that others cannot match with under-sized or garage-built systems.

The innate color of ozone is blue.  When you are at saturation levels higher than 6 ppm, you are likely to see the creation of the blue haze.  Reaching this level quickly and sustaining it is the very best way to treat for odors, germs, or mold.  

The 40,000 (40G Pro) ozone generator is the best all around system, and it has the radical power to do a fantastic job in just 1-4 hours depending on the size of the job and the threat intensity.