Compare Ozone Generators

National Ozone AssociationIf you spend much time on the Internet, or search the "Ozone Generators" to compare ozone generators; it gets very confusing.  This is because regardless of boasts and claims, no one uses a verified source to support what they claim.  Even pages of proof and evidence are unsubstantiated by any reference.  That is why we are pleased to have worked with the National Ozone Association in the development of our professional line of ozone generators.  We invited comments from people who work with ozone generators, engineers who could evaluate and design professional equipment, and the expertise of the National Ozone Association in the development of our equipment.

Since the introduction of the T30 ozone cells, the introduction of the latest in case design, and cooperation with a local (U.S.) fabrication company; we feel we now have the best ozone equipment for the best price.

The best validation however, comes from people like Javier in California of Keep It Klean has ordered his second unit and wants to order another.  Dave Dykstra of Eco-Vive says our ozone unit has become his primary piece of equipment.  Jim McDonald of GreenPro Sanitizing in Florida says his ozone generators is the best machine he has for the job.  All these men are professionals, and have owned many other brands of ozone generators.

When it comes to claims, we cannot exaggerate the facts because they are reviewed for accuracy by NOAI, and frankly, our customers.  

Here's is the part that is the most difficult to prove.  We engineered the All Ozone ozone generators to last for years.  One customer in Fayetteville Arkansas said he has more the 200 hours on his 40G Pro, and is was still working like new.  The T30 ozone plates are living up to expectations, but there is even more to the story.  The cases we fabricate in a real fabrication plant in Illinois are unique in the business.  These cases are compact, durable, and have a cooling air channel that allows our units to run cool for hours.

And, our ozone plates last a long time, but if you want "Like New" operation after a year of heavy use; just replace the plates.  This requires a Philips screwdriver and removing four small screws.  We can do it in about five minutes, but anyone can do it in maybe ten minutes.  It is all a part of our advanced engineering.  So, your All Ozone generator can perform like new with a simple replacement of the plates.  

So, we are very confident that the All Ozone generators will compare well above any other ozone generator out there.  So, give our ozone generators a try.  You will see that we don't need to exaggerate our claims.