Does Ozone Sanitizing Work?

For months now, the question of ozone sanitizing has been a big issue.  People want to know if ozone sanitizing works.  In short, ozone sanitizing is very real, and proven in hundreds of examples.  In fact, you will find ozone used in farm application, factory and manufacturing application, and by the medical community.  Ozone is a non-chemical sanitizer that works each and every time.  In fact, germs cannot build an immunity to ozone because it is composed of oxygen.

Ozone's basic value is as an oxidizer.  When ozone is present, it attacks various problems to neutralize them by adding an atom of oxygen to the target threat.  When it comes to bacteria and virus, the impact is the oxidizing effect burns small holes on the outer membrane of the germ which quickly kills it.  This happens very quickly, and ozone leave no chemical residue.

Cleaning products often adjust the pH level to make the solution more acid or alkaline.  When the solution reaches the germ, the solution poisons it with it caustic ingredients.  

Doesn't is seem better to do this without chemicals?

And, if you own one of our 1530G MAXX units, you can treat an area for 30-60 minutes and have good confidence that all types of pathogens are no longer a real threat.

If you own the 1530G MAXX, you can get rid of odd odors, treat moldy areas, and sanitize in one treatment.  If your car has an odor issue, treat it for 30 minutes until the ozone is no more.  

Ozone has many uses, and owning a versatile unit like the 1530G MAXX is the best option because this high-quality machine adjusts to conditions.  With two settings (15,000 and 30,000 mg/hr), it is easy to treat everything from a smelly car to a moldy basement, or to sanitizing your home or office for 30 minutes when people are out of the building.

We have been told that for the quality, power, and durability of the 1530G MAXX, we should be charging $695.  This well-designed, professional-quality ozone generator is literally worth $695, but our $475 retail price is simply a great deal for everyone.