Double the Power of Ozone

Size ozone generator

There is an important reason that we decided to build only one size of ozone generators.  The 30,000 mg/hr output size is what we have found to be the "Sweet Spot" for ozone generators.  If there is a need for more power, just add another unit.  Placing multiple units in strategic areas allows for a more even distribution of the ozone treatment.

The BIG MISTAKES are buying an ozone generator that is too small or too large.  There is a optimum size for a good ozone generator, and I'll explain why.  Anything under 20,000 mg/hr (20G) cannot raise the ozone saturation level quickly.  Therefore, the user is told to run the machine for 3-8 hours at a time.  This is inconvenient and not smart.  Small ozone generators are like filling a pool with a 1/2" garden hose instead of a 1" hose.  Kind of foolish, and prolonged ozone treatment will leave the ozone after-smell for longer than you like.

Large ozone generators over 40,000 mg/hr are first expensive, second heavy and bulky to transport, and cost more to repair or ship for repairs.  Why have one large ozone generator that not only hurts your back to move but kills your business if it needs repairs when jobs are waiting?  Having multiple 15/30G MAXX units is simply the smart choice for any ozone service.

Here are the output options with two 15/30G MAXX units.  15G, 30G, 45G, and 60G.  So, now you can easily adust for the size and intensity of the job.  With three units, you add 75G and 90G, which is a lot of ozone power.  If one machine suddenly fails (unlikely), you are still able to get the job done.  But, don't send the ozone generator in for repairs.  The ozone block is super easy to replace, and your machine is back to full power.