Dumpster Odor Control

There is a solution for dumpster odors, but you need to know the unique aspects of dumpster odors.  Dumpsters are active odor producing sources that are constantly incubating old and new organic odor problems.  It is not enough to mask the odors.  We offer one of the safest and most effective ways to control dumpster odors.

XytoFresh Odor Neutralizer is a highly-effective odor neutralizing system that provides a zone of odor treatment.  Just mix the concentrate at 4 - 8 ounces per gallon of water.  Spray the dumpster as often as needed to control the odor problem.  This essential oil product will bond with odors to neutralize them and the pleasant scent helps mitigate odors.  The good news is that this is non-polluting, 100% non-toxic, and an effect way to control odors of all types.  You can even set up a water tank to mist any area that produces odors.

There are many ways to deal with odors.  Masking odors is not a good idea for trash scent masking is temporary.  Conversion of the odor works well because it happens on a molecular level.  

We sell XytoFresh Odor Neutralizer as a gallon of concentrate that will easily treat about 60 gallons of water meaning this will product will last a very long time.  

After all, what are your alternatives?  Your dumpster is an ugly detractor that seems unavoidable.  Not even a fence can control those odors.  Using the XytoFresh misting/spraying system will reduce the strong, foul smells that your customers and neighbors really hate.  Not available outside the U.S.

Sold in gallon sizes, mixing is as low as 1:300 for exterior use, and 2-4 ounces for specified areas.

Best applied as a mist or spray.  Not harmful to humans or animals.  


Stop Farm Odors at the Fence

XytoFresh Odor Neutralizer can be used to create a perimeter barrier to foul odors on the farm.  Using the same design as a misting system used to cool an area, a holding tank, a small pump, flexible lines, and misting heads and quickly produce a highly-effective odor neutralizing barrier to fould odors for farm animals.  Whether set on a timer or run 24/7, the misting system grabs odors out of the air using the same bonding process as decriberd above.

There are a certain new essential oils that do more than smell nice.  They combine with airborne odors to change their nature.  The smell is still there, but it has been neutralized.  This misting system can be used to handle odors on air exhausts from barns that impact the neighborhood.  Set up a perimeter fence about waste ponds, destroy odors from composting piles, or around sewer treatment plants and pig farms.  

Because this product is 100% natural, there is no concern for pollution.  Exterior misting is a 1:300 mix making this a very affordable solution.