Dust Mite Management System

As we introduce the Bedroom DeTox System, there are some foundations to lay, so you understand why this system.  Problem one is the dust mite, but it helps to know that the dust mite (as ugly as they may be) are not the cuase of allergies.

The allergen is found in the dust mite poo pellets, which are partially digested food.  You see, a dust mite will eat their food about three times.  The dust mite adds digestive enzymes to the poo to aid in further digestion next time.  This digestive enzyme is the allergen that affects people.  We breath it, we literally roll in it, and we spend hours "Skin Close" to dust mites and their poo.  Therein is the real problem.

Dust mites are small (about 0.008 - 0.012 inches) meaning you can't see them with the naked eye.  And, dust mite poo is abut 5 microns in size and can suspend in still air for twenty minutes.  

Why Carpet Cleaning Does Solve Dust Mite Issues

It is true that carpet cleaning will remove dirt and dust mites from the carpet, but you don't sleep on the carpet.  The concentration of skin flakes (and therefore dust mites) are found in the bed.  Carpet cleaning, therefore, is a good idea; but not the allergy reduction program that is advertised.  When it comes to dust mite allergies, carpet cleaning is not the solution.  By the way, moisture is actually helpful for dust mite development.

For example, if your pillow is several years old, the dust mite accumulation can be nearly 50% dust mite content.  This is particularly true for feather and natural fillers, but still true at some level for all pillows.

Vacumming the Bedroom

We hear for vacuum and UV light systems to get rid of dust mites.  Yes, that is true, but treatment is not fully effective.  So, vacuuming is helpful, it is like catching a few fish from a lake filled with fish.  

Use an HEPA vacuum as a basic tool for dust mite management.  

The Bedroom DeTox System

Why manage dust mites when you could kill them for long periods of time?  A 2006 study proved that a serious ozone treatment will kill 100% of dust mites.  So, the Bedroom DeTox system uses ozone as one of the basic steps.  It starts with a good vacuuum treatment remove years of skin and dust mite accumulations.  Next, we use a 45 minute shock ozone treatment.  The room is vacated during this process, and ozone is made from and goes back to normal oxygen, so there are no chemicals in anything we do.

A vacuum treatment is used after the ozone, and our special "Denaturing Treatment" is applied that will provide roughly a 6-9 month population inhibiting process.  Dust mites will return because the food source is never-ending.  So, the recommended process should be repeated about every six months.

The DIY version of the Bedroom DeTox system is $540 which includes the 20,000 mg Ozone System and a supply of the chemical-free denaturing product.  This system will treat multiple bedroom for several years if used as recommended.

The Professional Bedroom DeTox system is $1495 and includes video training, support from Michael Busch, the 40G DeTox Pro (40,000 mg/hr) system adapted for direct mattress treatments with power to penetrate the mattess and then treat the room, and a supply of the Denaturing product that is fogged in the bedroom after the program is completed.  We include the guide to building your business that allows you to either add this service to your operation, or start your business from scratch.