Engineering and Fabrication

Ozone Generator Fabrication

We know that there are dozens of ozone generators out there, so we decided to offer the most advanced ozone generator at a very friendly pricepoint.  It all started with more than a decade of ozone knowledge, real life experiences in the field, and an engineering approach to the most common problems we have found in all types of ozone generators.

Ozone Generator FabricationWe wanted a compact yet durable unit that professionals could rely on for years.  So, we set a design concept of a five-to-seven year lifecycle.  In this industry, most ozone generators are not reliable for more than 1-3 years and are expensive to ship and repair.  Our equipment needed also to be "Field Repairable" with a screwdriver and little technical knowledge.  

At 12 pounds, we built more power and value in our unit than anything in its size and price range.  

The Best Ozone GeneratorThe very best innovation of the 15/30 is the creation of a heatsink on each ozone plate and a system to keep the system running cool.  Heat is the enemy of any electrical equipment, so our cool-running plates produce more ozone for a much longer time than other ozone systems.

Better yet, the 15/30 MAX allows the end-user to quickly replace the transformed and plates in minutes.  All you need is a Philips screwdriver.  There is no need to send in your unit for repair, delays, or endure heavy expenses.  When the transformer is replaced, the unit runs like new.  In the long run, this is a huge savings as many ozone professionals have several failed ozone generators gathering dust in their garage.

The 15/30 MAX can switch between 15,000 mg/hr and 30,000 mg/hr with the flip of the switch.  One machine can treat small areas like a vehicle or a whole house.  If you need more power, combine two or three units to treat a building more evenly.  One large central unit cannot effectively treat larger, multi-room buildings.  So, the smart solution is using multiple units throughout the building.

Our support is U.S. based.  You can call for advice, ask questions, and speak to people who area experts on ozone treatments.  Yes, we will repair our units here in the U.S., but we feel that this is not going to happen often.  We also offer a free Basic Ozone Training course with each purchase.