Get Rid of Pet Urine Odors

It is always a good idea to immediately clean up any pet urine areas as soon as they happen.  Use simple vinegar water to dilute the area, and absorb the area with a towel to prevent permanent damage or odors.  However, most pet urine problems are not found until they have gone deeply into carpet, padding, and subfloor.  If you didn't catch the problem early, here is what you are facing.

First of all, this is not likely to be the only spot.  And, the problem is likely to reoccur.  So, even carpet cleaning is a short-term fix.  What is needed is a pro-active way to stay ahead of the problem.  Allow me to offer great advice on solving pet odors.

First, always treat pet urine spots quickly.  Since pet urine is done without notice, get a powerful UV flashlight.  Not, a small cheap one.  Dim the room, and use the light to locate pet (or even unnoticed spill) areas.  Use something to mark these areas.

Wear protective lenses, which we include with the UV light, since direct UV light is harmful to your eyes.

Secondly, treat the area with a spray bottle of our probiotic solution allowing it to soak into the urine spot area.  Then, use the same probiotic product after the ozone has run for 1-4 hours, depending on the area size and odor level.  Probiotic solution is applied with a mist-type spray to all areas.

An ozone generator will treat the whole area.  Many embedded odors are spread everywhere, including walls, carpet, furniture, and drapes.  So, using our 15/30G Pro will treat the room, apartment, or house to destroy odors at the source.  But, ozone does not go deep into materials.  Hence, the special treatment of areas found with the UV light.

So, a comprehensive approach is to:

  1. Locate all urine deposits with a UV light and mark them.
  2. Use a 1-4 hour ozone treatment for general deodorizing
  3. Treat the urine spots with our probiotic digester

Depending on the level of odor concern, ozone for 1-3 hours.  Use a probiotic solution to soak and vacuum out any urine reside deep in the materials for ultimate results.