Will a HEPA filter Prevent COVID-19?

Recently, anxious managers of office buildings, stores, gyms, and daycares have asked whether a good HEPA room air filtration unit will solve the COVIC-19 threat for their workers, customers, patrons, or students.  The answer is "It helps", but it is a mistake to think that this is enough.  Singular solutions, as good as they may be, are one of several tools to consider.  

Since we have all had our health awareness heightened by 1000%, it is a good idea to follow multiple protocols.  People should wear masks where appropriate, wash their hands routinely, and buildings should be cleaned and sanitized as a basic habit.  

What more could be done?  By setting a timer each night that allows a 1-2 hour ozone treatment to sanitize the air and surfaces, a larger safetnet is provided.  Simply stated, most of the common tools treat exposed areas or segments of the building.  Ozone is a broad-spectrum treatment that reaches every cubic inch of air and every square inch of surfaces.  And, it does this without the extra labor of a dedicated cleaning staff.

By the way, the cleaning servies that say they sanitize is a slim promise.  Sanitizing products usually must stay on the surface for 8-10 minutes to be effective.  Again, good cleaning helps, but do not make this your sole prevention program.

As a broad-spectrum treatment, ozone does more than sanitize.  Ozone destroys ambient odors, kills mold and mildew, and works to reduce the toxic load in the air.  

Nightly treatments should shut off hours before workers or staff return in the morning.  They will return to a fresh and sanitized building knowing that the infection program is at a high-level of safety.