High Quality Fans

There is quite a debate about the strength of the fans used in ozone generators.  It basically goes, "Bigger is Better", but not so.  When you are hauling around a behemoth machine weighing forty pounds, you will quickly learn to love the 15/30 MAX..  Actually, bigger is not better than smarter design.  We feel that the ability to use our very-easy-to-transport 15/30 generators gives far more versatility.  At about 12 pounds, our heavy-duty, powder coated cases provide durability, easy-of-use, and the strategic ability to spread the treatment to all parts of the house or building.

We use expensive, high-velocity fans similar to those found in some computers.  This design has proven to run 24 hours a day, in heat, dust, and humidity with fantastic reliability.  Our fans are specifically choose to have high-velocity (CFM) and use ball-bearing construction that has NO RUBBER or PLASTIC parts.  Conversion of air blowers and air movers often have seals, insulation, and rubber grommets that will deteriorate over time.  It is a classic mistake to convert vacuum cleaners, air movers, and borrow parts from non-ozone equipment for an ozone generator.

the 15/30 MAX used TWO ... not one fan to drive the air through the unit at a steady and powerful stream.  This does not increase the CFM volume but the overall transfer to ozonated air throughout the treatment area.  In addition, should one fan fail, which is unlikely, the unit will not overheat and further damage the units

Smart ozone treatments should consider three important issues:  

1) Strategic placement.  Is it smart to put one big unit in the center of the building and use monster blowers to push the air?  Or is it better to have two or three units that you can strategically place on different levels or at opposite ends?

2) Multiple units (instead of one huge unit) allow you to make more money because you can do multiple cars, apartments, and jobs at the same time.  There are only 24 hours in a day.  Whys spend 3-4 hours waiting on one machine for a series of jobs when you can do two or three at a time?

3) Large machines take up space in your vehicles, are heavy to move around, and tough on your back.  Our 40,000 mg/hr generator is 22 pounds, 20" x 9" x 6".  The engineering is the very best use of every aspect of the ozone generator.

For the money, two or three 15/30G units will serve you better than one 90,000 unit.  They are smarter, more versatile, and bring more power to the job.