Hotel Ozone Generators

Hotel Room OdorsWhen considering an ozone generator for a hotel, motel, or apartment complex; there are some important facts to understand.  Ozone is a non-chemical odor removal and sanitizing system; but during operation, high ozone levels are a well-known respiratory irritant.  So, basic training requires a carbon filter mask for those entering an ozone-treated area.  Do not use an ozone generator when people or pets are in the area.

That said, many hotels, motels, and apartment complexes like ozone for its ability to degrade and destroy odors.  But, did you know that ozone is also one of the world's best sanitizers.  So, when there was a sick guest in the room the night before; a 30 minute ozone treatment will eradicate nearly every left behind infectious threat.

The 20,000 mg/hr (20 grams per hour) ozone generator is quite powerful, and there is a reason for this.  Smaller ozone generators (2500-5000 mg/hr) will take 12, 34, and 48 hours to treat the room.  Who wants to encourage that kind of delay?  Time is money in the hotel and motel business.  The 20G Pro is intended to treat a hotel or motel room in about an hour.  That is why we have added a 60 minute timer to the choices for this unit.  This is the most time you may want to use ozone from a professional unit, then evaluate the results.

Ozone will remove smoke, cooking, and pet odors from a room.  The question is how much ozone to apply (time factor).  Since downtime for any hotel and motel room is lost revenue, the easiest solution is to get the job done quickly.  If you follow th rules, clearing odors should be simple.  

If you want to subsequently get rid of the ozone odor, mist the room with XytoFresh Ozone Neutralizer for a fast turn-around on your rooms.