How to Buy an Ozone Generator

Ozone Generator PartsDeciding how to buy an ozone generator should consider a few important factors.  As a preliminary consideration, cheap ozone generators sold on the Internet, eBay, or Amazon are going to be a disappointment in many ways.  They will lose power and fail too soon and become little more than a doorstop.  In the end, buying one good ozone generator will last longer than two or three cheap generators.

Secondly, the reality is that every machine will require some maintenance and repair if it needs to last for years.  Construction should have a strong case and serious engineering.  We decided to use two fans, not just one, in our 15/30G. The means steady airflow and assurance that the equipment will not over-heat if a fan fails.  We are delighted that our key components are modular meaning that the transformers and plates are easily removed and replaced by novices who need only a screwdiver and our maintenance video to bring a heavily-used machine back for like-new full power.

All Ozone is U.S. based with parts on hand and experts to assist our customers with any questions or issues.  Every ozone generator comes with a free ($25 value) Basic Ozone Training course that will prepare any new user to perform a better job.

Third, pay attention to whether the ozone generator was built to be an ozone generator from day one and not a hacked system.  The best machines are not hacked from fans, blowers, or vacuums.  These machines are not easily mainted as they are retrofitted with ozone transformers.  In addition, these hacked machines were not built for function in an ozone environment.  One of the reasons that we at All Ozone are so driven to build a durable and reliable ozone generator that opens easily to replace parts with only a screwdriver and 15 minutes of time.

Finally, do not jump into a large ozone generator.  This is contrary to the best, professional advice from those who know that adjusting the ozone output to the situation is best.  Our 15/30G MAX has two settings, 15,000 or 30,000 mg/hr ... which is plenty of ozone.  If you need more ozone output, buy two or three of the 15/30G MAX units for 90,000 mg/hr of strategically distributed ozone in the treatment areas.  One large machine is heavy, not versatile, and requires multiple fans to distribute the ozonated air into distant parts of the building.