How Long is an Ozone Treatment?

For those unfamiliar with an ozone generator, you may be wondering how long will an ozone treatment require.  There is a lot of flexibility here, but there are some general rules to follow.  The length of an ozone application might be:

1 hour for cars and trucks
1-3 hours for apartments, RVs, and hotels
3-6 hours for house, offices

Ozone Shock TreatmentHowever, these guidelines go out the door when you use an inferior ozone generator.  The standard for ozone generators are now, 20,000 to 40,000 mg/hr.  Small, commonly offered, ozone generators will claim that their 4000, 5000, 7500 mg/hr systems are able to treat 4000 and 5000 is fantasy thinking.  To bolster their claims, they instruct you in the fine print of the instruction manual to run the systems 12, 24, 48 and 72 hours to solve the problem.  You NEVER see this on their website.  Don't you wonder why?

As seen in this chart, a small ozone generator "Tops Out" well below the ozone shock level where most of the real impact is found.  To be fair, even low-level ozone volume is helpful, and it will treat the problem, but it is not as effective.  Ozone shock means reaching about 6 PPM or more in the treated areas, and this can only be done when people and pets are vacated during the treatment.  Unless you are treating a walk-in closet, a 5000 to 7500 ozone generator is not capable of reaching ozone shock levels.

To counter the problem of extended ozone treatments, small production machines suggest the dangers of "Ozone Shock" as though high levels of ozone were not a good idea.  Do you realize that the avearge lightning storm produces about 209 tons of ozone?  I think that nature understand "Ozone Shock" like few of us ever will.  In a lightning bolt, as much as 90% of the available oxygen in the immediate area is converted to ozone.  Our treatments will never get close to that.  So, the goal is to use ozone similar to what we find in nature.  An ozone treatment should be done "Quick and Hard" to get the best results.

Therefore, you will likely want a high-production ozone generator.  Professionals today like the 15/30G MAX from All Ozone (15,000 and 30,000 mg/hr), because the treatment times are relatively short, and the job is done best.  

One of the great add-ons for the 15/30G MAX is the timer that will there for a purpose.  Ozone can leave the ozone smell for a short time; but if overtreated, the ozone smell can linger for months.  The timer naturally lends itself to our instructions to treat any remediation job is shorter cycles.  After all, these problems didn't happen in a day and it is actually best to treat odors and other threats in timed cycles.  This gives the operator a chance to evaluate the progress and the deeper threats to be best treated.

This encased system is perfect for an ozone system, and it takes only one touch to set the unit for 1, 2, or 3 hours of ozone treatment ... then shut down.  When you return, the ozone has depleted and it is a good idea to air out the house.