How Much Ozone is Enough?

Here is a very interesting fact about ozone.  No matter how little or how much ozone is present, it is doing the job.  Like water, a little bit is still as well as a lot of water.  While professionals talk about reaching 20 ppm (level of saturation in the air), ozone can be working at as little at .05%.  It isn't as profoundly effective as 20 ppm, but the process is still working.

So, if you buy a small ozone air purifier that is 100-500 mg/hr or a more powerful ozone generator rated at 15,000, 30,000 mg/hr or more, the ozone process is working.  

Like water, the question is do you need a shot glass of water or a bucket to do the job you presently face?  Rarely is a shot glass of water enough to do much of a job.  There are a lot more applications that a bucket of water can do.

We know that when there is an odor, mold, or pollution problem, ozone is an effective solution.  But, every job seems to be different from every other job.  Flexibility is probably one of the most important than finding the most powerful machine.  

Over the years, we have found that the 30,000 mg/hr (30G) is the best median range for an ozone generator.  But, because versatility is so important, our 15/30 Max has a switch that allows the ozone generator to output 15,000 mg/hr or 30,000 mg/hr.  Feedback from professionals and non-professionals confirms that this size machine is actually the smartest choice.

15,000 mg/hr is good for cars or single rooms, and the 30,000 can treat a 3000 sq ft house.  If there is a need for more ozone output, two units can deliver 60,000 mg/hr and three units can deliver 90,000 mg/hr.  

The next most important issue for ozone treatments is the length of time for the application.  This is where a built-in timer is the next most important part of an ozone generator.  Our 15/30G Max has a countdown timer for up to 180 mins or 3 hours of operation.  There is a reason for this.  Over-treatment can embed the ozone smell for weeks and months after treatment.  And, we find that multiple 1-3 hour treatments are far more effective than single treatments of 4-8 hours.  This also allows customers to evaluate the progress of the treatment which can be repeated as needed.