How Much Ozone Do I Need?

One of the most common questions asked by customers (and even professionals) is "How much ozone do I need to properly do the job?"  Frankly, unless you are an engineer-type with a controlled lab, there is no definitive answer.  NOAI has suggested a very loose "Rule of Thumb" is about 10,000 mg/hr for every 1000 sq ft.  

Therefore, our 15/30G MAXX unit could treat 1500 to 3000 sq ft with an effective treatment.  Then, the question is "How long should the treatment last?"

So, let's take the practical, less-than-scientific, approach which is likely to get the best results and avoid any pitfalls.

Adjust the 15/30G MAXX to a setting best suited for the area.  Then apply the ozone for 1-2 hours and evaluate the results the next day.  

This is what we call the "Incremental Approach" that is drastically different that ozone promoters suggesting running their machine for 8, 12, and 24 hours.  Too often, we have heard the complaints resulting from using too-big ozone generators for too-long.  Would you go from a bicycle to a super-powered motorcycle in a day?  That is dangerous and inviting trouble.  

If you need more power, buy two or three of the 15/30G MAXX units.  This is actually much smart than one over-sized ozone generator because we can get an even application of ozone rather than one centralized area.  

Since you actually own the ozone generators, you can afford to take an incremental approach.  If the problem doesn't resolve with the 1-2 hour treatment, try 3-4 hours on the second try.  If you determine that the problem improves, follow that pattern.  Ozone and IAQ problems didn't develop in a day.  Let the room(s) breathe between applications.

Since our units have timers, shorter applications are simple.  Set the timer and go out for your daily errands.  Arrive at least an hour after the units have shut off and air out the house for 15 minutes (even in cold weather).  You will soon realize that the problems are gone.  

Finally, if the problem returns because you keep dog, cats, or have a mildew-smell in the basement; determine a weekly or monthly schedule to treat these areas.