How to Sanitize with Ozone

We are getting a lot of questions about using ozone to sanitize a building.  The main questions are how big the machine should be and how long to run it.  Well, the answers are all over the map.  So, let's start with some basics.  First of all, ozone starts killing pathogens (virus and bacteria) from the very first minute the unit starts up.  Imagine ozone like water.  A little bit will still get things wet, and a lot will make things even wetter.  Whether little or a lot, ozone will kill viruses and bacteria.

Second, how will we know if the germs are killed?  You won't.  You must rely on the science that ozone effectively kills germs.  How do you know IF bleach kills all the germs?  You won't.  You are relying on the claims of the product.  The only way to be sure is to take cultures from the surface and the air and send them to a lab.  Even an ATP meter will not test for virus.  An ATP tests for the chemical presence of bacteria.

How long should you run an ozone generator for sanitizing?  The best suggestion is 30-60 minutes.  But remember that your building is not a lab setting where all parameters are known.  Frankly, stop trying for perfection and work on a good prevention program.  When in comes to infectious diseases, even hospitals can't be 100% sure that infections are under control.

How much ozone is needed.  Our rule of thumb comes from the National Ozone Association, which is about 10,000 mg/hr for every 1000-1500 sq ft.  The like the 15/30G MAXX because it has both 15,000 mg/hr output and 30,000 mg/hr output.  So, treating a 1500 sq ft area works at one setting, and a 3000 sq ft areas works for the other setting.

WARNING:  Do not make ozone your sole method.  Every business, school, or store needs a proactive cleaning and sanitizing program as well as COVID-19 prevention protocols.  See ozone as a nightly safety net treatment.  Run your ozone each night for 30-60 minutes.  Do not overdo this treatment thinking that more is better.  The "more" is what you staff is doing, not the ozone.

If your building is larger, place units strategically throughout the building.  And, do not exceed 60 minutes.  If the ozone smell seems too strong the next morning, reduce the time to 30 minute or switch to a lower output.  For those that like a better smell, a spray bottle of rubbing alcohol mixed with a few drops of lemon and lime (any citrus smell) will cancel out the ozone smell.  

Finally, ozone is quite effective at treating the air that your cleaning efforts cannot reach.  Yes, the ozone will also sanitize surfaces, but ozone is a great way to treat the air each night.  Our ozone generator has a run-time timer built-in, but if you want to run the machine nightly, every other night, or weekly; just add an inline timer to the AC cord, like the timers used for Christmas trees or outdoor lighting.