How to Start and Ozone Business

As the economy is on the rebound and still fresh in memory of the COVID-19 pandemic, this is perhaps the best time to enter the ozone business.  First of all, ozone is a highly effective sanitizing agent that does not use harsh chemicals that could add to the existing levels of pollution or toxic conditions.  But, since ozone cannot be bottled, trademarked, or put on the shelf; the public is ignorant of the many benefits of ozone.  Corporations ignore or badmouth ozone because they are anxious to spend millions on their latest chemical concoction.

Ozone uses not raw product beside the breathable oxygen (O2) in the air.  And, ozone leaves no chemical residue after the work is done.  Ozone is therefore one of the Greenest and most sustainable processes we have besides soap and water.

But, ozone has its greatest appeal because of its ability to destroy odors .... at the source.  Everything sold in the stores are masking agents that provide only temporary relief.  Regardless of boast, companies do not want to actually solve odor problems because you would not need to buy more of their product.  

The cost to get started in the ozone business is incredibly small.  Buying one or more of the 1530G MAXX units is the basic cost.  Then, we suggest that you take the Certified Ozone Technician course from that will give you a great education rather than the speculation offered on the Internet.

Finally, if you need a roadmap to run on to make your hope of great success more possible, we refer people to Five Way Sanitized that is not a franchise, but a tremendous resource for business development.  Frankly, the information and ideas from Five Way Sanitized are fantastic.

With the equipment from All Ozone, your training and certification from NOAI, and the guidance and support of Five Way Sanitized; you have literally everything you need.  We offer everything you could need with our experienced support for less than $3000.  But, to be fair, we allow anyone to piecemeal their progress and determine their own course meaning you can pay for things as you need them.  We just hate to see people misspend money and buy things that they later regret.

Money is a limited resource for most every startup.  We see ozone services as a simple entry point that requires a modest invesment but a lot of enthusiasm.   See our Ozone Business Model at