How to Build an Ozone Generator

Best Ozone Generator AnywhereMaybe you have been on YouTube to investigate ozone generators.  Making one isn't too difficult.  If you can generate a spark, ozone will be created.  But, creating more than 100 mg/hr of ozone on a regular basement is not quite as easy.  It all starts with a transformer that changes 100 volts to 5000 volts that is applied to two conductive surfaces separated by a gap or insulating material ... like mica.  Try a transformer from a neon light system; but your own now, so be very careful.  There is, however, a huge difference between the DYI approach and a serious ozone generator for anyone who wants to be in the ozone service business.

There is the bare bone approach sold by some companies where ozone plates are mounted on a 2 x 6.  So, if you are just playing around ... go for it.

A serious ozone generator today starts at 20,000 and the large size is 100,000 mg/hr.  Currently, the mainstay of anyone in the ozone business is a 40,000 ozone generator.  Believe me, you do not want to try this on your own.  It is like a guy you can repair a lawnmower trying to work on an Indy race car.  

Let me explain what it takes to build an All Ozone Generator.  First of all, we bring years of experienced experts together with engineers to tell them what we want.  After lengthy back and forth discussions and prototypes, we arrive at the design of the case.  But, not just any case.  Steel cases will quickly rust in an ozone environment.  Stainless steel is heavy, so the best decision is an 040 gauge aluminum case.  But, every aluminum will discolor in ozone, so we coat it inside and out with powder coating for a finish that will never dull

Now, small things matter as we think of the parts that will go in place.  We want an air channel for cooling everything.  Heat is out enemy for electrical equipment other than toasters and irons.  Strain proof cords because people always abuse cords.  An industrial-grade, dual ball-bearing fan that will last forever.  

To make sure no corrosion turns our ozone generator in a corroded failure, we only use stainless steel screws, nuts, and parts.  All wire connections are sealed.  The system is fully grounded, and a circuit breaker protects against accidental shock.  

But, there is more...

The layout must easily open up for cleaning and repair.  Like a service-type machine, maintenance will extend its life and keep it at peak performance.  So, four screws will release the top, and every part can be cleaned or replaced in minutes.  Very cool!

It must travel well, so the case must be very durable and yet light.  And, size matters when you have to bring many things to the job.  So, we made is tough, powerful, and compact.

Yes, you can build your own ozone generator, and you can also sew your own clothes.  When it comes to building the Best Ozone Generator, you need to consider All Ozone Generators.