How to Get Rid of Cigarette Smoke

Realtors and apartment manager are constantly confronted with how to get rid of cigarette smoke.  Ozone is one of the best tools you can use to get rid of cigarette smoke; but if you want to maximize the effect, there is more to the process.

Whether a vacant home on the market or an apartment with stale cigarette smoke, it is best ot understand that "Doing it Right" is your best path.  If you move pictures on the wall and see that the walls are discolored, do yourself a favor and don't paint over the smoke.  Paint may seal the wall at first, but becomes porous when it dries.  The smoke odor will leach out for years if this is your approach.

To start, clean everything including cabinets, woodword, drapes, carpet, to get the film off.  Cigarette smoke has a tar in it, so expect this is be a serious cleaning instead of a wipedown.  We refer to this as a Deep Cleaning by professionals.  Secondly, wash the walls and ceiling.  This is tedious and laborious, but we are dealing with some of the most powerful aromatics elements in society.  Cigar smoke is just as bad, or worse.

When the cleaning is done, you will smell a marked improvement in the overall smoke smell ... but don't quit yet.  This is the perfect point for an ozone treatment.  The rule is clean first, ozone second, and then apply paint.  Your goal is to reach the smoke film rather than cover it over.