How to Kill Dust Mites

Dust Mite ProblemA dust mite (HDM or house dust mite) are literally everywhere.  There number one food source is discarded skin flakes from humans and pets.  Unfortunately, every family member provide plenty of food that you will find in furniture, carpet, bedding, pillows, and mattresses.  As many as 30% of the population have a mild or serious reaciton to dust mites.  Some never realize that subtle symptom like restless sleep, itchy nose or eyes, and occasional rashes may be due to the dust mites in the home.

The first rule of dust mite management is to keep the humidity below 70%.  Washing of bed clothes and regular vacumming are recommended, but do not signifgantly reduce the dust might problem in the home.  

There are new ways to minimize dust mites in the home, and a study published in 2006 by IOA, proved that 100% of all DHA were killed by a modest ozone treatment.  This study was quoted by The National Library of Medicine of the National Institute of Health as a reliable study.  "This assumption is strongly supported by previous studies indicating that ozone, a product of corona discharge in air, has been reported to kill a number of organisms including insects."

The full treatment to provide extended relief from dust mites are provided by services that combine several steps that will treat the area(s) with Preliminary Debridement, Direct Ozone Application, and Post-Treatment of Essential Oils that inhibit dust mites from repopulating.  There is no permanent solution, but it is possible to provide relief that no other process offers.

Killing dust mites is now possible, and a dust mite management program will extend the allergy relief that so many desperately hope for.

The family can join in the effort by regularly using a HEPA vacuum that is faithfully emptied, reducing the humidity levels, washing bed clothes weekly, use special mattress covers.  However, the ability to truly kill off the dust mites requires a professional who uses the Dust Mite Eradication System.  

Systems using steam and UV light also claim to kill dust mites, which is correct.  Few product or tools can claim a 100% kill ratio as shown in the 2007 study using ozone.  

Because dust mites are a persistent problem, the best solution is a sem-annual bedroom treatment that provide the interim treatment to minimize dust mite allergens for longer cycles of relief.  This is the Bedroom De-Tox system that seem to offer the best (non-chemical) kill for dust mites and longer-term dust mite management option.

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