The Latest Technology

Ozone Generator CellsWe were the first to bring the 10,000 (10G) transformers to the market in 2014.  These transformers replaced the 7G systems many still use, even today.  Eventually, other companies offered the 10G transformers and honeycomb plates.  We have now made a quantum leap forward again with the T20 transformers.  It will be at least a year until other companies figure this one out and copy what we have done.

Our engineering has always lead the way, and we are aware that other ozone builders watch us closely.  However, we have been and continue to be a leader in the best engineering while others are still busy converts vacuum cleaners and air blowers into ozone generators.

August 2020: We introduce the new T3 ozone cells (found nowhere else) that have double the life and more powerful ozone production.

What many new ozone generator buyers do not know is that ozone plates wear out.  Gradually, the ozone output drops and who wants to send the unit in for repairs?  Our T3's are lab tested to deliver maximum ozone for a much longer time.  But, even then, our systems are field reparable so there is no need to send them back, unless you decide to.

All Ozone Generators provide easy access to all parts.  We feel that keeping your equipment running at top performance is important, and a smart engineering design is an important aspect for those who do not want broken machines lying around.

Cool Running System:  Heat is the enemy of any electronic system, and that includes ozone generators.  We installed the perfect size commercial fan to push loads of ozone in record time.  The air channel design does an extraordinary job of keeping the whole unit cool even after hours of hard use.