Sanitize your Office with Ozone

Ozone SanitizingOzone is a fantastic sanitizer and has been used for decades to kill all types of pathogens.  If you are looking for an effective and cost-efficient process to routinely sanitizing your office or workplace, try a good ozone generator.  In most cases, a thirty-minute treatment is all you need to do the job ... an hour at the most.  

Fortunately, our 15/30G Max has a very simple timer built in that allows for a delayed start and automatic shutoff after the treatment.  By the time you and the staff enter the building the next morning, all that they smell is a light, clean smell telling everyone that the building has been sanitized.

Of all the features for an ozone generator, the timer is probably the best safety addon.  In fact, it makes any knowledgeable ozone applicator wonder why there isn't a time on every ozone generator.  

The reason is that one of the most troublesome problems of any ozone treatment is over-treatment.  A countdown timer turns the ozone generator off even you if forget or are delayed getting back to the job.

A timer also turns off the system for those brief overnight treatments so the ozone has depleted when workers return in the morning.

The idea of goof-proof ozone treatments is ranks very high on our agenda of safety features for an ozone machine.

There is good logic behind that limit of 180 minutes or 3 hours on the timer.  It is evident that the hype of crushing the problem with heavy, prolonged ozone treatments is feeding into the embedded ozone odor problem.  This problem is not going to happen when there is a measured approach to the treatment.