Take a Look Under the Hood

There is a lot to tell about the All Ozone generators.  We started with our own American made cases from a local fabrication plants.  Our machines are built from scratch to be the longest lasting ozone machine on the market.  We do not borrow an air blower or fan to build our generator because they were never intended to be ozone generators.  So, we built them to run cooler, last longer, produce more ozone; and still be compact and durable.

This is what people in the ozone service business asked for, and we built the equipment to last.  The new T20 ozone generators are an exciting improvement.  These long-life transformers are the latest in ozone innovation, and they work tremendously well.  We were the first to bring the T20 transformers to market, and others will certainly follow.  It just tells you that we incorporate the latest and best elements into an All Ozone generator.

Once you try an All Ozone generator, other machines will become your spare units.