Remove Ozone Smells after Treatment

While ozone treatments are becoming more accepted and common, there are some post-ozone treatments questions to answer.  As you should know, ozone is just another form of oxygen as O2 is temporarily converted to O3.  Ozone reverts back to the normal O2 state in about 20-30 minutes.  It leaves no chemical residue, and once the building is ventilated with fresh air, there are no health concerns for health issues.

Not everyone likes the "Ozone Smell" so there are some good ways to reduce the ozone smell.  Obviously, the building should be aired-out by opening the windows and doors for 10-15 minutes.  If the weather is cold, just turn off the furnace and let the fresh air in long enough to dilute the ozone.  Then, follow with a light essential oil diluted in water fine mist treatment.  We like the Decon Five fogging program used by many professionals misted through the house after airing-out the facility.  This can be done will a ULV fogger or even a spray bottle on the mist setting.  The effect is immediate, but may require multiple treatments depending on the intensity of the problem.

During an "Ozone Shock" treatment, high ozone levels are considered a respiratory irritant, and we have ozone filter masks to be used if anyone enters the ozone treatment area.  After the ozone treatment is done, the health concerns are gone, but you will find that the "ozone smell" will last for 12-24 hours. 

If the building was over-treated concern for an embedded ozone smell may allow the ozone smell (not the ozone) to last for weeks.  This is a classic issue by ill-trained applicators who are taught to "Crush the Problem" with large ozone generators and extended treatment times.  

Essentially, we disagree with huge ozone generators blasting for long periods of time.  That is why our units have a built-in timer that will not run more than eight hours.  Anyone treating for more than eight hours is ignoring the Best Practice for ozone treatments.  

For effective ozone treatments, one huge central ozone machine is inefficient.  We like multiple 15-30G units placed strategically throughout the building.  This evens-out the treatment and reduces the need for big fans to spread the ozone throughout the building.  Ozone is not best done with brute force ozone generators that runs for long periods.  Never allow an ozone treatment to run for more than eight hours.  Exceptions may be hoarder home, but then it is better to run the ozone in cycles over a period of days.