Build a Successful Remediation Service

Odor Removal Business

If you are thinking about starting an ozone or odor removal business, I have some invaluable comments.  Twenty years ago, ozone was a new, elite idea that many businesses used to create a local business.  This was the pioneer days when some thrived and others struggled.  We learned a lot, but the business was ill-defined and there was no real plan for success.  Eventually, ozone generators were sold widely via the Internet, and this undercut the business.  In addition, odors were a small segment of the real market.  The bigger market was the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) business, and we explored how to grow a powerful business that was more than how to use an ozone machine.

OMG Sanitized was started in early 2018 with a goal of great success in 90 days.  We changed the nature of the business to encompass MORE THAN ODORS.  OMG stood for Odors, Mold, and Germs.  But, it grew even larger than that as we discovered the best markets for the business.  At our ninety-day mark, the business was making more than $20,000 per month.

We are offering a "Business Mentorship" to qualified people who have the gumption to take the same 90-day challenge.  We want to see each OMG Sanitized business double, triple, or quadruple the $5000 investment.  Each qualified person gets more than the proprietary tools and products, they get the training, the marketing, and our intensive support to grow their business.  We have mapped out the process, and the 90-day program literally gives you the best ideas we used to create a business from scratch in Illinois.

To qualify, you must be prepared to "Bring the Gumption" to work the system.  Tools, products, training, and mentoring is not enough to make it happen for you.  You will need to follow the 90-day Action Plan that is designed for your business type.  As the equipment is on the way, you will start your online training.  We talk with you at numerous points along the way, and you will get weekly training updates for the full 90 days.  We will build your website, create marketing materials, and show you exactly how to grow your business.  

Start a BusinessTo take the next step, request our OMG information package that details everything about the OMG Sanitized program and includes a basic questionnaire.  Once the decision is made, we will set your start date and begin the 90-day process.  There are milestones every 30 days that help us assess your progress and adjust the plan.  The fee is $5000 with no surprise Ups or Downs in costs.