Destroy Odors by Removing Deposits

We love ozone, but ozone is considered a topical treatment that takes time to work into embedded problems.  Probiotics are "Good Bacteria" that you saturate odor sources.  They work over 2-3 days to eat up all the residue (including urine, spills, etc) and then die off as the food source is gone.  Without organic deposits to feed on, the bad, odor-producing bacteria also dies away.  

Do not use probiotics at the same time as an ozone treatment.  Ozone kills bacteria.  Pre-treat or post-treat areas that have an odor problem.  

Probiotics are super-safe and we literally need them for a healthy life.  Comes in a concentrate, and mixes 2-8 ounces per gallon of water depending on the problem you are treating.  Works over 2-3 days and may be reapplied and needed without damage.  Probiotics also break down the BIOFILM by eating away to polysacchride network as well.  You will see immediate improvement, but probiotics work best when applied over time.

Probiotic Odor Removal

$145 per Gallon Concentrate

Mixing with XytoFresh

Want to do a one-pass odor treatment?  Mix in the recommended parts of XytoFresh Odor Neutralizer for a combination treatment that will fight odors on two levels.  Yes, you can use these product as a post-ozone add-on treatment for more impressive results.  Or, use the product by itself (stand-alone) when ozone is not possible.