Ozone and Carpet Cleaning

Should a carpet cleaning service use an ozone generator?  Well, if you look at every carpet cleaning service, they almost always talk about removing odors.  This is, by the way, a slippery slope because fully removing odors is difficult at best.

Pet odors, smoke smell, or cooking odors will migrate and literally become a part the the biofilm that lives on every surface.  Biofilm is about 10 nanometers thick, and is the home of bacteria, virus, and particles that hold odors.  This is why you can remove the furniture and carpet and still smell some of the odor that shouldn't be there.  Therefore, it makes sense that a more effective odor removal could include an ozone treatment.  

The 20G Pro or the 40G Pro are excellent sized units for the addition of ozone to most typical jobs.  A light treatment light last one hour become of the power of these unit.  A more powerful odor removal treatment could last 3-4 hours.  Previously, smaller ozone generators instructed that the ozone generator run 12 to 24 hours.  That is obviously too problematic.

The 20G Pro is used by apartment operations and hotels for freshening and serious odor removal.

To explain the concept of biofilm more, the basic content is polysccharides.  Ozone will destroy the polysaccharides and allow the ozone to reach and destory bacteria and ozone that lives inside.