Ozone Facts

By now, most people have heard of ozone.  In nature, ozone is created in the upper atmosphere by sunlight intersecting oxygen.  O2 (two oxygen atoms) are rearranged to form O3 (three ozone atoms) in an ozone molecule.  Because it uses the UV rays of the sun to cause this reaction, the earth is protected from excess UV light. But, there are more good things about ozone...Ozone is one of the best sanitizers is the world.  Whether delivered through air-type ozone generators or dissolved in water, ozone kills every type of pathogen in second, whereas sanitizing chemicals take minutes to even come close.  

Ozone will kill mold and mildew.  And, it is a tremendous odor elimination produce.  The more you learn about ozone, the more impressed you will be.

Ozone neutralizes many pollutants.  This is why you hear of high-ozone days when pollution is heavy.  Ozone is our friend, working hard to neutralize pollution.  High levels of ozone, however, can be a respiratory irritant, so professional ozone generators do require the use of a carbon filter mask because they produce much more than the EPA suggested levels.  

High ozone levels are considered "Shock Level" when they reach a 6 ppm or higher level.  Shock level ozone is used for special applications to destroy bad odors, kill pathogens, kill mold, neutralize pollutant in a rapid manner.  While some ozone generators at the 1000 to 5000 mg/hr range may make claims to do the same as a professional ozone generator, they require 12, 24, 47, and 72 to even get close to what more powerful machines can produce.  Larger ozone generators do the job in much shorter cycles (1-6 hours), which most people prefer because the building must be vacated when high ozone levels are being created.

When entering a room or building with high ozone levels, always wear a carbon filter mask.  Like any serious cleaning product, always follow the Best Practices for the use of ozone.  We offer an Ozone Safety Training program for all of our ozone generators.  Just request the link when you order, and encourage all workers to take a few minutes to learn the right way to use ozone.  This course is sanctioned by the National Ozone Association.

Ozonated water (aqueous ozone) does not create the offgassing and therefore can be used without a major concern for filtering masks.  Ozonate water systems inject ozone into the water that cleans, sanitizes, and neutralizes all threats in just seconds.  This is the perfect addition to restaurants, pat care facilities, schools, bathrooms, and gyms.  When looking for a chemical-free cleaning and sanitizing system, ozonated water is a wise choice.