Ozone Filter Masks

Ozone Filter maskRegardless of your level of experience, varrying around a bulky face mask is trouble.  When you need an ozone filtration mask, I prefer to reach and grab the N95 disposable mask.  These are carbon embedded masks that do a great job of filtration, and they seem to work for months of occasional use.  In fact, I tend to lose one before I need to replace it.  At this price, you can keep several in key locations.

The mesh design hold its integrity for greater periods of use, but this is disposable.  So, after a long period of use, you can throw it away.  The exhaust vale makes normal breathing much easier.

We sell in lots of two mask for $30, which is pretty good because you will find less-quality mask selling for $8-9 in a hardware store.  These are adults masks that are not a paper knock-off.  The netting allows it to hold shape and still adjust to your face.  These are one-size adult masks.