Is Ozone Flammable?

Straight up answer, "No, ozone is not flammable as some gases."  You see, an ozone generator reconfigures the ozone molecule from O2 oxygen to O3 oxygen. Ozone generators use the available oxygen in the air to make O2 into O3, but they are not increasing the oxygen levels that might promote more intense combustion.

Like shuffling a deck of cards, you may change the order but there are still 52 cards in the deck.  Regardless of the order of cards in the deck, a normal card deck still has just 52 cards.

 Oxygen is fungible or readily exchanged in its form.  Whether a singlete atom (O1), normal breathable oxygen (O2), or ozone (O3); we are still dealing with the same element in different configurations.  In addition, these oxygen atoms  can combine with a variety of other elements and compounds.  When oxygen compounds with other substances, the reaction is called "oxidation".  And, oxidation is a marvelous way the neutralize threats without introducing chemicals.  This happens at the molecular level and is legitimately nature's way of cleaning thing up or breaking things into reusable materials.

When a tree falls in the woods, decay facilitated by oxygen, bacateria, and even mold turns the wood into fertile soil.  Oxidized iron turns to rust and gradually loses it strength.  Tree absorb CO2, keep the carbon atom, and release the oxygen back into the air each night.  Oxygen is one of the most vital and power elements in our world.  Even your red blood cells are busy moving oxygen to the various parts of the body.  Note the balance, as people and animals breathe in O2 oxygen, and exhale CO2 which is a kind of Ying and Yang to what plants do.

Back to the subject of flammability when using ozone.  The reason ozone is not any more flammable as normal oxygen is that we do not make any more ozone.  The process reshuffles the available oxygen around.

So, pilot lights, candles, or furnace will not be be an issue when an ozone treatment is ongoing.  These are a few safeguards to observe when using ozone, and we offer a free Basic Ozone Training course with each ozone generator purchase.  Follow the basics of ozone use and the results should only be positive.  

Ozone is basic science.  The principle is oxidation which constnatly happens in nature.  IF we harness and focus the power of oxidation using ozone, we can kill mold and mildew, effectively sanitize buildings, destroys odors at the source, and reduce the threat of toxic buildings.