Using an Ozone Generator in Adverse Conditions

No matter how durable your ozone generator may be, using it in rough conditions will be hard on the system.  This applies to mold treatments, hoarder homes, flood, homes near salt water, and even a filthy apartment.  If there is a lot of junk in the air, it will build up on the ozone plates.  So, learning to clean your ozone plates is very important.  Use a cotton swab and either rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide.  The idea is to gently clean off the darker contaminants on the plates.

These plates glow with an electrostatic charge, so air passing through will collect on the plates and cause diminished performance.  

There are a couple of things you can do to prevent the early buildup on plates if you know this is an issue.  Go to the hardware store and buy something called Window air conditioner filter.  They are very cheap (about a dollar), so you can throw them out without concern.  use a piece of elastic and wrap the air entry side to filter the air.  These filters are thin and won't slow down your air movement much.  They will catch a lot of the junk that would foul your ozone plates.

If you are lucky enough to have an All Ozone generator, you will be able to clean it quite easily.  Remove the top with just four screws.  The plates are easy to reach.  But, be sure the device is unplugged as a basic safety precaution.  Use a cotton swab and clean off the plates.  Our T20 plates glow on both sides, so use your cotton swab to reach both sides.

In a more general cleaning strategy, use HEPA type air scrubbers or filters during cleaning to minimize airborne dirt.  

If the plates do not glow evenly after a series of cleanings, it is time to replace them.  And, once again, if you have our All Ozone T20 ozone generator systems, you will find this incredibly easy.  With the top off, four screws on the top of the transformer will allow both plates to lift off.  There is nothing to solder.  Replace the plates the same way they came off, and your All Ozone Generator will work like new.