Ozone Generator Mistakes

When someone understands how ozone works, the enthusiasm for an all-natural solution may lead to some mistakes.  Let me list them for quick reference:

  1. Buying an ozone generator that is too small
  2. Buying an ozone generator that is too big
  3. Buying an ozone generator that is cheap and quickly fails
  4. Running the ozone generator too long
  5. Failing to prepare the area for maximum results during an ozone treatment

There is a reason that we made a decision to sell one size ozone generator that has two power options.  The range between 15,000 to 30,000 mg/hr is the most common ozone output that people need.  The ozone output selection allows the user to treat just a room or a vehicle on the lower setting, and treat the whole house with the higher setting.  

Secondly, do not try to crush the odor or mold problem with an ozone treatment more than 3-4 hours.  That problem didn't happen overnight, so treat it in stages.  This allows even deep-seated problems to be treated until they are fully solved.  Since you own the machine, there is no rush.  Treat for 1-2 hours and give it a day or so for evaluation.  Then apply ozone in stages until the problem is solved.

Buying a cheap machine on the Internet is likely going to mean, you will have a non-functioning doorstop because the machine is low quality and cannot be fixed.

Any ozone treatment will be most effective when you have pre-cleaned the area to your best ability.  If you are treating a hoarder home, a pre-treatment can be used to "knock-down the smell."  But there is no good reason to apply ozone until a good cleaning has been done.

If you are going to paint the room, do not ozone smoke or oder smells AFTER PAINTING.  The paint is now hiding the odor and the effect of ozone is reduced.  Clean and ozone BEFORE you paint.