Ozone Generator Repairs

Ozone Generator RepairOver the years, we have seen everything.  And, we get calls from people asking about ozone generator repairs for ozone generators that should be literally thrown into the trash because they are of such poor quality.  When you are relying on an ozone generator that isn't professionally built, repairs are unlikely.  Mostly because the design process did not intend for it to be repaired.  This is called "Planned Obsolescence" meaning that they can built the machine cheaply and force you to buy another ozone generator in a year or so.

There is a YouTube video teaching people how to make an ozone generator out of a piece of tin foil.  Some companies offer a bare bones project kit that you can mount on a bread board.  I really hope they they have their fire and liability insurance paid up.  So many makeshift ozone generator are just trash, and aren't repairable, even if you could find the parts.

Our 15/30G MAXX is a superior design and build.  Our ozone generator are built to run a long time and are very easy to repair.  This is because we do not need to compete with the low-end products.  We are focused on people who understand quality of design and function.  

Take, for example, our heat-sink plates.  This is our amazing innovation that others hope you will ignore because of their over-enthusiastic claims on their YouTube channel.  Whether it is the planned purpose of the two-stage ozone output, the timer that we install, of the easy-open case that allows parts to replaced in minutes; our 15/30G MAXX will provide years of service.

Consider also that we have U.S. support and stock parts.  So, there is no mystery about getting parts, assistance, or getting someone to answer the phone.

All this for $425 is a super-good deal.  We aren't the cheapest ozone generator, but we are certainly the best value for your dollar.