Ozone Generator Repair

Eventually, any machine will fail.  If you bought a cheap ozone generator, it is likely to fail or lose power in a more quickly than a more expensive and professional system.

We decided some time ago to not be the "Cheapest Ozone Generator" on the market.  But, we did choose to be the most reliable.  To achieve our goal, we looked at the possibility of a part failure of our ozone generator.  That part is undoubted the transformer and plates that produce the ozone.

First of all, we developed a one-of-a-kind plate with its own heat sink that allows the plates to dissipate heat very fast.  This means our units run cools; and since heat is the enemy of electrical components, we expect our units to last a much longer time.  

But and if, the ozone system did lose power or fail, we feel that it would be great to be able to replace that part in 10 minutes by removing two screws and using a clip to make the connection.  

Out equipment is built to last, but if it fails after two or three years, the repair is easy to accomplish with a Philips screwdriver.  Anyone can do it with ease.  Just follow the video.

The dual fans may be considered redundant by some, but tell that to the space shuttle that always uses redundant systems.  Our two high-quality fans are better than just one fan found in most ozone generators.  As unlikely that it may be, if one fan failed, the unit will continue to work as promised.

The 15/30G MAXX is well-built and meant to be a reliable system that will work great for years to come.