Why the 15/30G is the Best Ozone Generator

As an engineer and decades in the ozone business, I have come to some conclusions that might help others avoid the standard ozone pitfalls.  I have made some of these point before, but in the universe of the Internet, I need to constant knock down myths and offer solid advice to those thinking about buying and using an ozone generator.  

I assume everyone knows the O2 and O3 nature of ozone, its value for IAQ treatments, and most fundamentals.  If not, we offer a free online course with all purchase.

To make my point quickly, there are several important features if you are looking for the best ozone generator for everyday use.  The first of which is a U.S. based support system that will pick up the phone when you call.  Secondly, the company has the parts needed to maintain your unit so it operates like new for four to five years.  That is what we have always done at ALL OZONE.

Third is portability and the case.  If you use your equipment for multiple jobs, it has to be lightweight and have a hard case.  Our 15/30G MAXX weighs about ten pounds and has one of the best cases I have ever seen.  It doesn't dent unless you intend to dent it.

Fourth, is the power or ozone output.  We start out offering 10,000 and 18,000 ozone units.  We had 40G, 60G, and even 100G units.  We eventually discovered that there was a smart size and sweet spot that anyone can use.  You see, your equipment is not one size fits all.  We have to be flexible when we walk on the job, and the 15/30G MAXX the most flexible unit anywhere.

A single unit can select for 15,000 mg/hr for small jobs and 30,000 mg/hr for larger jobs.  At 1000 sq ft per 10,000 mg/hr, the 15/30G easily treats a 3000 sq ft area.  

If you need more power, add one or two more units to do the job faster and more evenly.  Those huge machines sold by promoter online are just too big, too heavy, and too costly to maintain.  Anyone with two or three of our 15/30G units has all the fire power they need.

Fifth and last, a good ozone generator has to be easy to maintain.  It is costly and slow to send a system in for repairs.  So, we made the 15/30G with swappable transformers and plates.  Nothing to solder, no plates to replace.  Each 15/30G has two ozone transformers.  Just remove two screws disconnect the easy-disconnect clip and put the new one in.  It literally takes ten minutes and a philips screwdriver to bring your heavily-used ozone generator back to "like new" ozone output.

At $425 and four or five years of constant use, our equipment cost mere pennies per job and are the most reliable units anywhere.