Does Ozone Kills the Coronavirus?

Ozone has a long history that proves its ability to kill all types of pathogens.  This includes virus and bacteria.  Ozone is a non-chemical treatment that kills pathogens by an process known as oxidation.

Ozone uses a single oxygen atom that will attached to various threats and oxidizes (burns) the outer membrane thousands of times in a rapid process.  As the outer membrane is destroyed, the infectious microbe dies.  As the level of ozone that transfers this single oxygen atom increases, so doe the killing power.

Studies suggest that 30-60 minutes is often enough time for an ozone treatment to sanitize a normal area.  Once the fresh air is introduced, normal activity can continue.  For this reason, a quality ozone generator needs to have a time that will turn off the unit after the treatment is done.  

We combine an inline AC connection with a timer to power up the system at night when it the building is empty.  Then the built-in timer will allow the unit to run for a period and automatically shut down.  By the time worker enter the building in the morning, the ozone is depleted and there is a mild, fresh smell so they know the building has been sanitized.