Ozone Neutralizing Mist

Odor Control SystemIf there is one drawback to using ozone, it is the ozone afterglow.  This is the ozone smell that can cling to materials for 12, 24, andd 48 hours after a treatment.  While some people actually like the post-ozone smell, others do not.  We have developed a proprietary blend of 100% natural ingredients in a concentrate.  Add 2 ounces of Ozone Neutralizer to a gallon of water, and mist or fog into the room(s).  Fog carpet, furniture, drapes, and the air.  Re-apply as needed.  Leaves a fresh orange blossom scent that everyone loves.

 This is not a masking fragrance!  There is a molecular-bonding action that happens as the mist grabs ozone in the air.  You will see ozone levels immediately drop to zero and the air will have a light, fresh scent that people actually appreciate.  As a concentrate, this product will add a few cents to the job, and create a much better customer experience.  Best used immediately after an ozone application.

Mix 2 oz to gallon of water, and apply everywhere with a fine mist.  Water-based does not stain anything unaffected by water mist.  Best application is done with a ULV fogger or electrostatic sprayer.  Smaller applications like cars, hotels, and apartments might opt for a spray bottle set to mist.  16 oz makes eight gallons of RTU.  Due to high shipping costs, not available outside the U.S.

Dear Sir,

I wanted to let you know that I purchased your product Xyto Fresh to apply after an ozone treatment we had done on our home for tobacco odor after years of smoking. We had both treatments applied professionally by _____ in Greenville, SC. We are in the process of selling our home and after the ozone treatment buyers in the market were complaining about the ozone smell. We purchased this product as an odor neutralizer as it was advertised and it worked. I would certainly buy the product again if needed. However, I am hoping I do not need to because there definitely will be no more smoking in our home. 

Really just wanted to let you know that I appreciated the quick shipment and the fact that the product was readily available and my home now smells terrific.

Sincerely, Barb Darnell 

An all-natural approach is promoted by the National Ozone Association.  Avoid using chemical odor removal products that have long-term health concerns.  This product is 100% natural essential oils.  Some essential oils are therapeutic, some are aromatic, and some are neutralizers.  We have combined the best essential oils that will literally knock ozone out of the air in seconds.  This is the perfect secondary treatment after an ozone treatment.