Ozone Odor Removal for Hotels

This article is specifically designed for hotel managers and operation managers who are considering ozone odor removal for their hotel.  Additionally, we include property managers and business with multiple facilities that need odor removal and sanitizing.  By now, it is obvious that ozone is a very effective tool to destroy odors assuming that the cleaning process has been accomplished.

The problem is two-fold.  First is the time it takes for your cheap or over-hyped ozone generator to do the job.  Second is the skill and ability of your transient workforce to do the job well.

We believe that there is a need for an insider to see the open door that is looming in all types of buildings.  Particularly when there are people who are constantly coming and going.  This means hotels, motels, spas, gyms, therapy centers, medical offices.  If you happen to be one of those inside people, think about how you might be able to rise to a manager position for a service that is now grossly neglected.

COVID-19 put a new emphasis on sanitizing, and surface sanitizing is not enough.  The air needs to be sanitized as well.  Ozone will do the job.  But, be aware that studies show that 30-60 minutes of treatment is all that may be needed.

The 1530G MAXX is the perfect solution that is a durable machine with the versatility you will need.

  1. Our builtin timer limits treatments to 180 minutes to prevent accidental over-treatment by an untrained and overly-busy crew
  2. Our two-stage output of (15,000 - 30,000 mg/hr) allows both a light or strong treatment to neutralize all types of odors.
  3. Our cool running units will not overheat, and ozone quality is better when heat is reduced.
  4. Compact and about 10 pounds makes the unit easy to move about.
  5. Future repairs are rare, but our system uses plug in modules that return your system to "Like New Performance"

If you are an insider of the hotel industry, property manager, or the operations manager for a multi-complex company, consider using the 1530G MAXX as your primary tool.  This could turn into a business within a business that allows you to establish a position that has large rewards.