How Long for an Ozone Treatment?

One of the persistent questions is how long should an ozone treatment last?  While there is no one answer, there are a few good guidelines.  The first of which is suggested by the National Ozone Association.  The rule is that no treatment should last more than eight hours.  For those companies suggesting more than an eight hour treatment, they are either ill-informed or selling zone generation that are too small for the job.

A routine ozone treatment is about one to four hours in duration.  There are some extreme situations for large mold jobs or death scenes, but the one to four hour cycle is best.

There is a reason that we only offer one ozone generator.  We have found a sweet spot at the 30,000 mg/hr range.  95% of jobs do not need more than 30,000 mg/hr which can easily treat 3000 - 4000 sq ft.   If the problem does not resolve, then consider if you need to do a more intense cleaning or the area or do a second 3-4 hour treatment.  We contend that modest cycles of ozone is the best program.  This allows an opportunity to adjust the ozone treatment to the actual job.

There is a popular myth that using a larger ozone generator for 12 to 24 hours is best, but this can be a foolish suggestion.  This tells you that this "Ozone Genius" is not much of a genius.  The idea of ozone shock can be overdone, and that leads to embedding the ozone smell long after the job is done